Title I 

Title I

Language & Literacy Academy for Learning is a proud affiliate of the Federal Title I program. The purpose of this title is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.



Contact Info

Email: giselle.ventriere@llalschool.org

Did you miss the meeting? No worries; watch it here.

2020-2021 Title I Annual Parent Meeting

Date: October 14, 2020


District (PCPS) Info:

The Polk County Public School District Title I page provides additional information about the Title I program. 

Right to Know Letters

All Title I schools are required to employ only highly qualified teachers and instructional paraprofessionals. As a parent of a student at Language & Literacy Academy for Learning, you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teacher and instructional paraprofessionals who instructs your child. You will be notified in writing if your child has been assigned or has been taught for more than four consecutive weeks by a teacher who has not met the “highly qualified” criteria. 

In addition, you have the right to:

  • Know whether your child’s teacher(s) and/or paraprofessional(s) meet the state certification requirements for the grade levels and subject areas in which they provide instruction
  • Know whether a teacher and/or paraprofessional is teaching under emergency or other provisional status and state qualification or licensing criteria have been waived
  • Receive information on the qualifications of a teacher and/or paraprofessional, including the graduate certification or degree held by the teacher and/or paraprofessional, and the field of discipline of the certification or degree

If you would like to receive this information, please contact the school.

Right to Know Letter: English | Spanish | Haitian Creole

Annual Report Card (EduData Portal)

The Annual Report Card serve as a valuable resource on how Language & Literacy Academy for Learning is doing with regard to student achievement and success.

EduData Portal

School Parent & Family Engagement Plan

All Title I schools have copies fo the Parent and Family Engagement Plans (PFEPs) in their front office, as well as translated versions. For a copy of the school PFEP or district PFEP, please email or call the school.


Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2020-2021

A Parent's Guide to Title 1
School-Parent Compact

A school-parent compact is a written agreement between the school and the parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs that identifies the activities that the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will undertake to share the responsibility for improved student academic achieveent. This agreement is developed with input from parents, community members and school staff.

At elementary Title I schools, the compact is discussed during family/teacher conferences. All Title I schools have copies of the compact in their front office, as well as translated versions. For a copy of the school compact, please email or call the school.

School-Parent compact 2020-2021 (English)

School-Parent Compact 2020-2021 (Spanish)

Schoolwide Improvement Plan

The purpose of a Schoolwide Improvement Plan (SIP) is to develop a plan with school staff and leaders to help improve the academic achievement.

For a copy of the SIP, please email or call the school. A paper copy is available in the front office or you can visit http://www.floridacims.org/


Schoolwide Improvement Plan (SIP) 2020-2021

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